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Jewel box one professional to produce and manage all kinds of gift kinds of high.middle-grade flocking gift box.cartoon ring box.paper box.Chest ask.props jade carvings gift box jewel box.wrist-watch box.jewel bag Tray.holding seatsWait for the packaging and show the company of the articles Production adopt and come from Italy. S. Korean,
Japanese with  material. PU ofdifferent and quality of Taiwan and mainland joint venture imitates
Skin flocking.have lucite type.getting wooden product are various in style separately
Serial pluralism.In the management of factory. we chase Ask the high-efficient theory of keeping improving.
;so that each production standard. craft is superior and the factory has specialized artistic designs Personnel.
put out new premium and all kinds of products of style constantly.
in order to accord with the now constantly changeable high-grade market more and more demand. You can choose to order from this what factory have now various in style product.Too can come kind write to us according to actual need special and tailor-made.Customer goal that we pursue forever, have support of you we make kind!

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